Marissa Todd


Marissa Todd has had a passion for photography since the age of nine when she received her first box camera in the late 1950’s. That passion continued throughout college where she received a B.A. in Fine Art from San Jose State University with an emphasis in photography. Today, Marissa travels nationally and internationally in the pursuit of equine images.

It has been said “being an artist is created from desire, but an artist naturally has the desire to create.” It’s what one does with that desire to create that makes a personal statement in the art world. Marissa has been fortunate to discover her passion is photographing horses, the equines of the animal kingdom. Most recently she features the icon of the American West, the wild mustang along with the cowboys, ranch life, and landscapes as backdrops. These beautiful creatures are timeless visions of our rich heritage and must be preserved. Mustangs embody the free, wild spirit of the Wild West that continues to this day.

“I love capturing images of horses with distinct personalities so the viewer can see and feel the emotion along with me. My greatest joy is to capture the spirit of the horse beaming with light and texture, and drawing the viewer into the piece for a closer look.”

In her quest to express the free spirit and energy of these majestic animals, and images of western life, Marissa includes other digital media techniques to enhance her vision of each piece.